Tuesday, January 15, 2013

(Belated) Trade Night Swag, Crappy Correlation, and an eBay Victory......

Well, trade night at my LCS was this past Saturday, and fellow attendee The Daily Dimwit has already recapped his experience AND posted a group break AND posted a mailday.
Looks like I really fell behind on this one, haha!

First up, here's what I received in my ongoing trade war with the Dimwit:
The Redbirds took three (3!!!!!) 3rd basemen in the 2012 draft, and Wisdom was the "middle child". However, he is ranked as a "Top 20" prospect in the organization, after a strong offensive showing in Low-A and good defensive skill.
One a side note-Was I just naive in thinking these weren't photo-shopped? I had no idea until I saw this on eBay...
*I know his collegiate stuff is photo-shopped OUT, before anyone feels the need to make that point :)

Moving on to the rest of trade night...
I bought a jumbo pack of 2012 Update with some remaining store credit, and I wasn't too happy with what I saw:
Yeah, I got the same five cards, twice. At the beginning and the end of the pack.
REALLY TOPPS!?!?! You couldn't give me a little better correlation?
I guess the old adage applies now more than ever: You get what you pay for....

I picked up one more card from another friend before I headed home for the evening:
Ballard played at Mississippi State, and was the Colts leading rusher this season. I actually had the choice of two Ballard autos (pulled by the same guy), but this was the lower numbered one out of the more expensive product, so the choice was pretty easy!

Speaking of low-numbered hits out of higher end products, I picked this up recently off eBay:
I picked up this one (24/25) for a total of $9.26 (shipping included), I had lost out on one /50 just a few hours before that sold for $10 (with shipping). I call that a win. (I refuse to quote Charlie Sheen, won't do it!)

Before I let y'all go, I do have slight prideful thing to mention about the Mississippi State Bulldogs. They are one of only eight FBS schools that will have an alumni guaranteed to win a Super Bowl ring this year! How cool is that? And to think that going into last week's playoff games the only team that didn't have a Bulldog was the Broncos...I was still rooting for Peyton, though.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Staying unabashed, and interested,

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  1. Even if you got the same 5 cards in the front and the back of the pack, at least they're all pretty decent players!