Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First purchase of 2013...

Due to a broken 3-hole punch at work, I was forced to make a supply run to the local Wal-Mart. While there, this box caught my eye, and I thought "Why not?"

I'm not really sure what the mini-bios were for, but there they are. In case you didn't know any of that stuff already. I guess those bios being on the side of a repack box is kind of like Spider-Man 3, not for the fans.
Moving on...
Here are the packs that were inside:

 Not really an unexpected assortment, aside from the 2007 Future Stars and the 1994 Pinnacle Hobby (we'll definitely touch on that one!)

Okay, so maybe I wasn't too thrilled with the 2010 Topps Attax, but the Coghlan was shiny, so it there really wasn't another choice in the pack. And who leaves the original price tag on in repacks?!

So, I got my '88 Donruss series 1&2 mixed up, but long story short, Bill Ripken was the only noteworthy card in his pack. Gooden, Murphy, and Fielder wasn't a bad mix, though not the best I got today...
Glavine and Carpenter? Two of the best pitchers ever? Wait...wrong Carpenter. I think there have been more players with the name C(h)ris Carpenter than any other name in baseball, 3-4?

I like the look of the Mets team leaders card though, has a bit of a "modern" look to it. I think.
Oh, and that's from the first pack of '89 Topps!
'89 Bowman wasn't too bad, Boggs and McGwire plus a Mantle reprint/contest entry form makes for a decent pack in my opinion. I was surprised that they were a tad bigger than the other cards from that year. Learn something new every day...
'90 Fleer had a Padres baseball quiz, a skinny Guillen, a bass-slappin' Guerrero, a hustlin' Pettis, and a Brantley who seems like he'd rather be elsewhere. Either that or he just passed gas. One of the two.
That's a Joe Morgan motion card that came out of my '90 Score pack. Mr. Green's best season was 1997, and they misspelled his last name there. The Zeile rookie is there because, well, I'm a Cardinals fan. Sorry folks.
Also, as a Mississippi State fan, the Thigpen was a nice pull; and it had a very interesting fact- Thigpen batted 4th in college, between Rafael Palmeiro and Will Clark. Learning lots of new stuff today!

I like the rookie template in '90 Leaf, the Hough is a gold parallel, and the Rose features an action shot that I feel isn't seen very much in this era. At least by me anyway, I'm seeing some of these cards for the first time...
Ok, I know the '92 Score is crooked. But you try to scan cards with an 8-month old on your knee.
Mattingly is self-explanatory, O'Brien seems a little smug about catching that ball, and Candaele looks like he's hovering. Not sure what's going on there to be honest, but it caught my eye, so there.
Yep, this was the best card out of 2007 Future Stars. Going to be interesting to see how far Toronto goes this year...
Cal insert and Rickey gettin' ready to hit that ball were the bright parts of '91 Donruss (S2)
'94 Stadium Club didn't hold much, but here's Bruce Ruffin, because 1/3 of his name is 1/3 of my name too.
Holy Hall of Famers, Batman! My favorite pack I opened today, by far. Does suck that Mr. Rice was right by the gum though...

It seems that I got a hot pack (according to the pack) of 1994 Pinnacle S2 Hobby. The Griffey is from an insert series (Ozzie Smith is in the same series, hate I missed that), and the insert cards fall 1:18 packs. Also had this in there:
 These dual-sided "Team Pinnacle" cards fall 1:90 packs, each one featuring an AL and NL player per position (hence the 9 cards set).

Overall, I had a fun time busting these packs, and it was nice to get some older wax (kinda) for once, plus some cards I can actually add to my collection. 

Thanks for stopping by y'all!
Staying unabashed and interested, 

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  1. Not too shabby a repack. Those "blaster" repacks are always loaded with junk wax packs, but still - a pack is a pack.