Friday, March 15, 2013

Milestone: First Fuji Trade!

I recently accomplished (what I consider to be) a milestone in the blogging world, a trade with Fuji from The Chronicles of Fuji! Hopefully he'll have what I sent by Monday!

 First up, an addition to my MSU collection, Jon Knott:
*I love these cards! I don't know why, but they just seem really cool to me. I'd like to see these types of cards make a comeback in MLB products. Yet another UD licensing woe...
(Sorry for the tape, wanted to make this post before it got too late.)

Knott was originally drafted by the Padres, signed a few years later with the Orioles (where he got most of his playing time on the pro level), then spent the last few years of his career with the Twins, Phillies, and Brewers organizations. 
 ** I think that is a really nice auto, I may have to start imitating that "J" when I sign stuff...

Next up was an Albert Pujols from 2011 Topps Attax:
I don't really know how to play Attax, but I pick up the Cardinals singles whenever I come across them. There doesn't seem to be much strategy involved with the game, unlike my next part of the trade:


This is a game I've really been interested in since it came out, and that was in 2000! There's actually some strategy involved in team building, there are stats that come into play, and even "salary caps". I'm planning on doing a post series on the various card games I've experienced, and this one will be my first topic. 

Now, we come to the card that I was really hoping would be in the envelope:
***Does the red ink make it a "Real One" auto #'d/64? I'll never tell!
The first time I saw a Fuji auto, was one in the possession of The Dimwit. It was my first trade with him, and I was curious about it. He said it was from a trade that he made with another blogger, and it wasn't too terribly long after that when I decided to start my own blog.
This will hold a place of honor in my collection, thanks Fuji!

That's all for me tonight folks, got to get some rest for what looks like a busy weekend at work...

Thanks for stopping by!
Staying unabashed and interested,


  1. Glad the cards arrived safely. The red autographs are actually the most common... although I'm not sure if I've actually passed out 64 of these yet. So they could be rarer than Topps' Real One autographs.

    A guy I trade with on CCW collects these cards and always requests different versions of the card. Here's a link:

  2. That's really cool, I may have to work towards a page of Fujis myself, haha.
    Thanks again for the trade, and I look forward to more in the future!

  3. I try to make it a point to comment whenever I see posts about or containing cards of former Twins. Hey, look! It's Jon Knott! He had a sip of coffee in Minnesota. Unfortunately, I don't think he made it out of the Twins' minor league system. Nice hit in any case!