Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 GQ Blaster in "three" pictures...

Well, the Wal-Mart that is less than half a mile away from my apartment finally got some Gypsy Queen in.
Fortunately, I had just enough cash to pick up a blaster!

I had originally planned on posting this last night, but my Dad and I went to our first MSU baseball game in almost 17 years last night.
The Bulldogs came to town for a contest against the South Alabama Jaguars (former stomping grounds of David Freese, Adam Lind, and Louis Gonzalez among others), at their stadium (Eddie) Stanky Field. 

The Jags scored first, but thanks to a few errors, and a BALK, of all things, the Bulldogs soon had a 4-1 lead. 
State made a few errors of their own, and the game was tied 4-4 in the 7th.
The Bulldogs manged to score two more runs on a single by their first baseman, Wes Rhea. A save was recorded from sophmore Johnathan Holder (great last name for a closer, eh?) and the Bulldogs improved to 24-8 on the season.

Also brought my recent vintage acquisitions to show my dad, it's always nice to talk Cardinals baseball with him since he listened to a lot of games on the radio growing up.
A lot of vintage players that I can only read about he talks about like they just hit the field last night.
It's fun, and gives me even more motivation to track down some more vintage stuff!

Oh, this is a post about a GQ blaster, isn't it?
Sorry for the rambling, haha!
Without further ado...
Here are the minis:
A decent assortment of players, in my opinion...

Here are the inserts and SPs:
 Whoop! Cardinals SP!
Dealing Aces/No-Hitters really do have a nice template to their design. 
I'm not entirely sold on the yello card backs, though...
*The Ruiz "Collisions at the Plate" will be a nice addition to my 
"Cardinals Cameo" collection!

And finally, I got a hit!
Can't really complain on getting a 1:64 retail hit in 8 packs!

Overall, not a bad blaster. 
I have a few bucks left over from the game last night, so I may pick up a value pack or two today. 
Here is the base card breakdown:
Yankees, Diamondbacks-4
Cardinals, Braves, Twins, Rockies, Nationals, Mariners, Phillies-2
Athletics, BoSox, ChiSox, Reds, Dodgers, Padres, Rays-1

Well, that's all from me for now!
Thanks for stopping by!

Staying unabashed and interested, 

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