Monday, April 1, 2013

Went for one card, left with sixty-three...

My LCS, has an eBay store.
I have a saved search for when they list any Cardinals stuff.
Sometimes, they don't put "Cardinals" in the item title.
That's why I have a saved search for the store in general.
So that I don't miss out on stuff like this:
2006 UD
*My first (and probably only) Yadier Molina auto!

I honestly can't say how happy I am to own this card. Yadi doesn't have a lot of certified autos, and I'm a big fan of the mask design. I'd still like to get one of his 2004 autos, or the 2006 Artifacts. That may have to wait a while though, seeing as his autos are climbing in value.

Seeing as I had a few hours to spare, I decided to dig through some of the boxes they had lying around. I was hoping to maybe find some vintage stuff since that part of my collection has been sparse. 

I can't say I was disappointed, first up was an entire 1979 Topps team set:
Oh, and a 1951 Red Munger thrown in for good measure. 
*And what is going on with Brock's helmet? You think someone would've said something...

Now, you might be thinking: "That's not 63 cards..."
Right you are! 
Here's some more of my vintage acquisitions:
 I really like that central column of Brock, Gibson, Torre...
Was really happy to come across the Cepeda and Carlton as well.

 Yeah, McCarver is releasing his death-grip on the mic at the end of this year...
He was still a Cardinal though, that's why he's here. 
*Oh, does anyone know what year that Del Rice is from?

Here are some nice multi-player cards. 
My favorites are the Brock/Flood, '68 NL Pitching Leaders, and '60 NL HR Leaders.
Can you blame me?

It's still not adding up, you say?
Well, I did pick up some numbered cards for the Cardinals PC...
Hornsby looks like a beast in that photo, he's ready to do some damage!
I'm also a big fan of the Edmonds in the center of the bottom row. 
I really like when there's a "game" element to baseball cards. 

And finally I picked up two numbered Palmeiros for my MSU PC...
*Palmeiro's legacy may not be the best, but he was a Bulldog. So he's in the binder.

Well, that's all 63 cards, hope you enjoyed them! (I know I did!)

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Opening Day, and I hope you made it through April Fool's Day unscathed!

Staying unabashed and interested, 


  1. Not sure if the question was rhetorical, but Rice is a 1954 Bowman

  2. Sweet, thanks!
    I was hoping the phrasing wouldn't appear that way, ha ha!