Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's game time!

I like video games. I haven't completed a lot of them, but I really enjoy playing them.
Early on in life I mainly played on the handheld platform, and it wasn't until my college years that I got a gaming console. I still grab the free moment on there when I can, but I'm here to talk about a mobile game series.

Is anybody else pretty much addicted to the 9Innings series from Com2Us? If you are a baseball fan with a smart phone, I think you are missing out.
I have an iPhone so the 2011 version is better on here than android, but the 2013 version is really good on both. Essentially, you pick your favorite team, and then through the process of leveling up your players, and
combing players, you can build your ideal dream team. 

In my early days, I was constantly swapping out players; but they'd still be on other teams. The game would never take Brian Wilson off of the Giants, if he was on my roster. It was weird, and I eventually decided I wanted to make a pure Cardinals team. Though seeing Brian Wilson hit a homer off of Brian Wilson was entertaining. (Though again, it was weird).
Unfortunately, they aren't doing anymore roster updates to the 2011 version, so I still get to use Pujols and keep my team bonus. This is a little easier verion to play, and the games go by a little quicker on it. Maybe I'm biased because my Molina is currently .463/.470/.771...

The 2013 version is a lot more like a console game, you can play "challenge games" against recent All-Star and World Series teams, and there is WAY more roster depth. I'm not sure how far vast it is, but I'm fairly certain the entire AAA rosters are in there, or at least the top prospects. Seeing as the games take place over 8 seasons, and only your relief pitchers need rest, this makes things a little more believable.

That said, they're very fun games and pretty much the only ones I play on my phone these days.
Other than that, I'm usually playing Mass Effect 3 on Xbox Live.
Feel free to send me a friend invite, my gamertag is jamicfin, it's my universal go-to.

See you next time!

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  1. I love that game...I suck at it though. I have X-Box Live too my gamertag is Superduperman99. I'm usually playing FIFA 13. I'll send you a friend request.