Friday, November 30, 2012

Ode to Netflix...

I have Netflix,
It doesn't have the best flix,
Though it has decent tv shows...
(That's as far as I got on such short notice.)

I honestly think we've cancelled our Netflix subscription twice. We just weren't satisfied with it on the whole. That being said, it seems that the third time is the charm.
It all started when my wife asked "Have you ever seen Lost?"
Lost was a series I remember seeing bits and pieces of over the years, but I never had the chance to see the whole thing. And therein lies the beauty of Netflix, immediate gratification.Well, for series that have already completed anyway, haha!

We have since completed Lost, and now we are making our way through Prison Break. (Another show I started, but never finished.) It's nice to be able knock out a few episodes here and there and to not have to wait week to week for the next episode. Though having to wait for the AMC shows (Hell on Wheels, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead) is killing me!

I used to watch martial arts and horror movies on there, but the selection seems to have dried up. Or maybe my movie standards have changed?
What about you guys? Got any Netflix suggestions for me?


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